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Urban Photographer

Regular Training 恆常練習

  • 名稱來自剛果其中一種語言(Lingala),意思為〝強壯的人,堅強的靈魂〞(Strong Person, Strong Spirit)

  • 創始者是最早期一隊來自法國的練習者,他們為探索和挑戰身體上、意志上、道德上的強大而訓練Art du Déplacement(移動的藝術)。

  • 其訓練(Discipline)及精神(Values)亦為本會發展的根基,訓練為強化身體以適應不同環境,於不同障礙物中作移動(Movement),讓身體如水般流動(Flow as Water)。

  • 精神主要為:

    • ”We Start Together, We Finish Together”:

    • ”Be Strong to be Useful”:

    • ”To be and To Last”:



  • The name comes from Lingala language in Congo, which means “Strong Person, Strong Spirit”

  • The founders are the earliest team of practitioners. They used to explore and challenge themselves on strength limit physically, mentally, and ethically via L’Art du Déplacement.

  • Its discipline and values are also the root of the development of our association. We train for adapting to different environments and conditions by strengthen our body, to do movements between obstacles, and to flow as water.

  • The main values are:

    • “We Start Together, We Finish Together”:
      We are linked together even we are moving individually. We always encourage each other in action, which push everyone’s physical and mental boundaries further.

    • “Be Strong to be Useful”:
      We observe ourselves and study the purposes of the practice via the training. We hope that we could learn from the discipline and apply to our life, even help others.

    • “To be and To Last”:
      We apply what we have learnt throughout the life. It means that we do things with consideration and planning. We pay attention on safety and long-term goals. **


You are welcome to inquire us about the content of the classes by the contact methods.

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