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此訓練的最初名稱,誕生於80年代的法國,名為Art Du Deplacement,譯為Art of displacement(移動的技藝)。隨著時光的流逝,出現了不同的名字,包括Parkour-洐生自法語parcours,意思為路線、場地-及後來出現的Free running。無論如何,名稱是不重要的,重要的是我們需要維持此訓練的精神、方法及核心價值。

Maybe you have never heard of Parkour before, or you’ve only seen parkour in the movies, such as Luc Besson’s “Yamakasi”, the 2006 “Casino Royale”, “Madonna Live (The Confessions Tour)”, or maybe you think that it is a modern street sport, but we treat it more as a philosophy and a lifestyle. In the world of parkour, every traceur/traceuse (Parkour practitioner) has his/her own philosophy but there are some core principles that they would all agree on, including our attitude “to share”, “enjoying together”, “be friendly and make friends”, “to be silent”,and be “supportive”.

Parkour的重點在於發展移動的基本特質,當中包括平衡(balance)、肌力(strength)、動力學(dynamism)、耐力(endurance)、準確性(precision)、時空感覺(spatial awareness)及創意的眼光(creative vision)。此訓練能使練習者身體及心靈更富功能性,有效率及解放自身的本體限制,它更是一個嚴格的自我修養、鼓勵自主行為及率性的思考方式。

We, as members of the HKPA, work hard to embody the philosophy in our lives. Simply put it, Parkour is a mixture of sport and philosophy, it makes you free and through it you learn how to be a good person. The most important in Parkour is “to know what your capabilities are”. You need to face yourself, explore your strengths and weaknesses, and perfom to your best. Parkour guide you into exploring yourself and inspire you to find your own way, your own style. Some traceurs likes to do big drops, and some like combinations, while some like doing the “flow”. You need to explore your strengths, what’s your interest, and find out about who you are.




For us, Parkour is a way to explore yourself, to create your thinking and style, and guide you in finding what’s right.

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