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Please carefully read the below disclaimer before starting any practice of Parkour. You have to be responsible for your own safety and wellbeing. Parkour is an activitiy that involves potential risks and dangers. Anyone practicing with no experience would risk:

  • Public or private property damage
  • Injuries and permanent trauma
  • Extreme scenarios, such as death.


  • Respect public and private property
  • Practice with friends
  • Respect your body and wellbeing
  • Take no risks as you will endanger your life

The information on this website is only for reference. Suggestions on difficult skills and training guides are highly subjective. People have different understanding and interpretation to them. You have to clearly understand what you can do and have the sufficient experience to comprehend what your body is capable of in order to avoid dangers and risks. This is very important.

Anyone using information on this website to carry out dangerous or illegal activities are at their own risk. Adults have to be responsible for their own training. Persons under the age of 18 have to request for permission from their parents to train.

The website is not liable to any responsibility. Any person has to be fully aware of their body conditions before any training. Stop all training if there is any discomfort.

Parkour is not suitable for pregnant woman.


  • 損害公共及私人設施
  • 不可逆轉的運動創傷
  • 面對極端環境,如死亡。


  • 尊重公共及私人設施
  • 與朋友一同練習
  • 尊重自己的身體及健康
  • 評估風險,避免危害自己生命的可能。