The Method of Movement

How to put the ‘run’ back into your free-running By Dan Edwardes Source article: Parkour Sometimes it is easy to forget that parkour is a discipline predicated upon the act of running. So caught up are we in the perfection of vaults and landings, of wall-scaling and precision jumps, that the actual running begins… Read more »

Off The Wall

Climbing as Complementary Training for Parkour By Dan Edwardes Source article: Parkour Without a doubt, the best training for parkour is more parkour. However, this is not to say that the odd injection of alternative training methods can’t help speed your development in specific aspects of physicality relevant to the traceur. Simple running, for… Read more »

Warming Up

Much has been made of the importance of warming-up before beginning a training session, and yet in general most people underdo or even skip entirely this vital aspect of the discipline of parkour. Some may not know why warming up is so important, others may not know how; some may perceive it to be a waste of time, while others might see it as boring, wanting to dive straight into the jumps and vaults with minimal or no preparation. If you fit into one of these categories, you need to read on.

Parkour, a challenge to social perceptions of body and space|移動的技藝:Parkour挑戰社會對人體和空間的慣有看法|

‘Art of displacement’以及‘free-running’ 等字詞將都會在本文中稱作 parkour. 練習者發現, parkour 需要人多方面的能力, 需要人克服恐懼, 認識到自己心理與生理的狀況; 那種自由, 自我擁有以及表達自己的感覺並非日常生活能夠容易遇到. 本文的目標是去探索學習parkour者的意見, 認為parkour 可以包括生命中不少重要元素, 將人導向尊重他人, 堅持信念, 有氣度, 建立創意等等的主義. 由於社會是由一個個人所組成, 所以我認為parkour有可能令社會引導向自由以及美德.

Etre et Durer – Plyometric Training

To Be and To Last By Andy Fisher Source article: Parkour Your toes hang off the edge of the last brick as you take in a measured breath and then step out into space. You drop, enjoying the momentary freedom of airtime before bracing yourself for the compression of the precision landing. The uncompromising… Read more »

No Secrets|沒有秘密: Parkour 裡的自律

正確練習 parkour的人都會清楚明白到, parkour是一條艱難的路. 走這條路沒有捷徑, 沒有秘密方法. 用正確的態度與方法練習, 你可以觀察到自己的進步. 就這樣繼續下去, 進步就會愈來愈快, 愈來愈明顯 – 就是這麼簡單.

Edwardes: Le Parkour – An Overview|Dan Edwardes: Le Parkour 概論|

Le Parkour (1), 最初名為l’Art du Deplacement, 在1980年代Yamakasi隊的努力下, 成了今天的模樣. 不過練習 le parkour 可以追溯到歷史記載以前: 參考過很多不同的事物, 受到很多人物的影響, 於幾種傳統之中演化, 變成了現在的訓練方法, 叫作parkour 或是l’art du deplacement. 名字與標籤可以是變化不斷, 而當然, 運動的外表也轉變了, 改良了無數次. 不過, 無論在什麼潮流外表的背後, 其核心一直都長久不變 – parkour的方法, parkour的結果, parkour的訓練以及目標: Movement 移動.

飛躍道PARKOUR源流糸列(2) – Natural Method

Parkour的形成包括很多元素,不只是由George Hebert在20世紀初所開發出來的‘Natural Method ofPhysical Culture’.David Belle是被他的父親影響的,一個練習這個運動的軍人.
George Hebert (1875-1957)是一法國海軍軍官,在非州等地看到土人之活动可其靈活”Their bodies were splendid, flexible, nimble, skilful, enduring, resistant and yet they had no other tutor in Gymnastics but their lives in Nature.” – G. Hebert

飛躍道PARKOUR源流糸列(1) – Raymond Belle

Raymond Belle, 是 David Belle的父親,生於越南(3/10/1939) ,他的出生是一個悲劇。他的父親在越南內戰時死亡,他的母親在越南分裂時(1954)與他失散。法國軍隊成為Raymond Belle的救星,在一九五四年時,他被法國軍隊所收養並已軍事教育作為培訓,這些經歷足以影響她的一生。

奠邊府戰爭(1954)結束了法國對越南自1884年中法戰爭以來70年的殖民統治,而Raymond Belle於一九五八年完成了軍事教育課程,畢業後他並沒有加入軍隊,他並沒有運用他所學到的殺戮技巧,這個年輕的士兵反而是想拯救生命。在他十九歲的時候跟憑著他超凡的體能及偉大的理想,他進入了巴黎特種消防部隊( Sapeurs-pompiers ) ,這是一支法國首都的軍事消防組織。

飛躍道的Parkour 精神

Parkour 的精神和信念很難用三言兩語或是用一編文章就可以解釋得一清二楚,以下,是飛躍道整出簡單的Parkour理念和元素。