HKPA+ is formed by the core members of the HKPA, where members are required to complete one year of our training, demanding knowledge and the right attitude in parkour. HKPA+ is the people trained to promote parkour through performing and coaching. Most of the members of the HKPA+ have a long resume in performing and some are professional performers experienced in international .

With intense training and experience, HKPA+ takes up different work like performances, shooting of all types, or coaching, while putting promoting parkour at the top priority. We aim to let parkour sparkle and shine on the global stage.

The Logo

The logo HKPA+ logo is designed by draculatoki (PatricK Lui)

The logo is mainly a pillar, indicated the HKPA as the great support for parkour in Hong Kong, where HKPA+ uses the greatest of their physical and mental ability to build a platform in promoting parkour.

The ‘plus’ sign in yellow indicates the X, Y, Z in 3D designations as parkour has a three dimensional thinking in movement and thought, which we have to keep in mind to face unknown circumstances and obstacles in parkour and in life.



HKPA+ 由飛躍道的核心成員所組成,隊員最少需有一年之嚴格訓練才能加入。對能力,Parkour的認知、信念和品格等有著嚴格的要求。HKPA+ 為飛躍道的重要成員,受訓成為表演,推廣Parkour 及 教學的專業Parkour 人員。HKPA+ 的大部份成員都有著豐富的表演資歷,而對Parkour的技巧都有著熟練的掌握,部份更為國際級和專業的表演者。

HKPA+ 憑藉充足的訓練,豐富的經驗,能應付不同類型之工作,如表演、各類型之拍攝、教學訓練等,在表演/拍攝的同時,為宣傳Parkour發揮自己的責任,讓Parkour在媒體的舞台上發放光芒。


圖像以柱狀表示,意指HKPA(飛躍道)為香港Parkour 的基柱,而HKPA+ 是於HKPA中不論身體的能力和對Parkour的認知都為最高的, 以最大的能力去建構一個推廣Parkour的平台。

而青色的加號,除了代表了HKPA+之外,如配合中間的基柱作整體觀看, 在三維學上就是代表了X, Y和 Z軸的圖形,意思就是Parkour不論在動作上或思想上都是立體的。要面對的環境和情況、要面對的障礙、以至生活上的一切都是立體的,將XYZ三軸放於 圖內,代表了本會和Parkour本身的立體思維。

飛躍道Plus Members

  • kazuya
  • govad
  • steven
  • cako
  • eko
  • Daniel
  • tim
  • tai
  • victor
  • Chung