HKPA family

HKPA Family 是指所有曾參加我們訓練的每一個人, 不論你是海外來交流的, 是飛躍道的創會會員,還是正在接受訓練的學員。



圖為HKPA family 徽號,設計者為 draculatoki (PatricK Lui)

圖為一個Parkour 的握手姿勢,握手時伸出食指,眼神互望,由Parkour最初開始,練習者都用這個手勢來表示互相尊重。不論打招呼,說再見,我們都以這個握手來表示對彼此的尊重和支持。


HKPA Family
HKPA Family includes all that trains with us, that means traceurs from overseas, original founders of the HKPA, or students that are training together.

Parkour guides us together, walks us towards the same goals. We share with each other our ups and downs, our laughter and tears, as we find ourselves in family and teamwork. Parkour has never been a one-man sport; it changes people, not just in body but in the mind, driving us to work and face obstacles in training and in real life,

We support each other in the team by contributing our joy, our love and respect for others. We connect in a team besides training to become friends and family – and this love connects us with groups from different countries. This is not only a sport but a love; this is not an organization but a family.

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The Logo

The HKPA family logo is designed by draculatoki (PatricK Lui)。

Logo is a hand shake with the index finger pointed as a sign of respect. Since the beginning of parkour, practitioners have used this sign to show mutual respect, and we have used this to greet each other and bid farewell.

You would understand why we have used a daily routine to represent ourselves once you have participated in training and lost the same sweat together with us. You would understand why there is a certain power in such a simple logo, where the power has come from every one of us